About us

Delivering complete tax & business support

We have been serving the business community from our historic offices in Hinckley since 1950.

We work with businesses across the Midlands and further afield. As well as accountancy, audit and tax skills, the Integra team also has individual specialist skills which enables us to tailor our service to your needs. We pride ourselves on delivering an unparalleled service to all clients, whatever their size or sector, but we have specific expertise in:

  • agriculture
  • medical and dental
  • IT
  • construction
  • engineering and manufacturing
  • leisure services
  • retail
  • service sector
  • surveyors
  • transport and distribution
About us

Integra service promise

We are committed to:

  • Offering a free initial consultation at your convenience
  • Taking the time to understand your individual business needs
  • Being accessible, professional and pro-active at all times
  • Delivering superior levels of service
  • Completing your work within agreed timescales
  • Acting in your best interests at all times
  • Helping you to achieve your business potential
  • Charging the agreed fees – no fee surprises!
  • Investing in our own training and development
  • Listening to your advice on how we could improve our services
  • Acting in a socially responsible manner at all times

Changing Accountant?

If you feel you’re not getting all that you should from your existing relationship, it costs you nothing to get a second opinion. Why not meet us to discuss how we can match your needs? There’s no obligation, just an opportunity to talk to business professionals who aim to do their utmost for you, your family and your business.

We’ll make it easy for you

If you decide the time has come for a change, we’ll take care of everything else, including:

  • Contacting your current accountant (so you don’t have any embarrassing goodbyes!) and explaining that you are moving your business to Integra;
  • Arranging for any of your books or records which they currently hold to be transferred to us;
  • Obtaining copies of your accounts, tax computations and any other necessary information;
  • Advising HMRC and other government offices that we’re now looking after your affairs.

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